I am Rob Yaeger.  I’m much more than just a porn performer and stud.  I’m a person who defies sexual labels, burns through expectations and embraces the free flowing sexuality that surrounds us all.  I’m a disciplined athlete, a dedicated thinker and someone who believes strongly in ethics and respect.

I’ve been showing off my gym-tempered, lean body and sexuality for over a decade.  I started out in the clubs of New York and Chicago, fucking for live audiences and getting a charge from the performance.  In 2010, I started taping myself jerking off, edging and shooting big fat loads.  Later, I brought other guys into my videos, showcasing my masculine dominance over them.

Those videos led to notice from companies like kink.com in San Francisco, where I started shooting in 2012.  I have been featured in Bound in Public, Men on Edge, Bound Gods, 30 Minutes of Torment, Divine Bitches and several Kink.com test shoots.  I have also appeared in several full-length features by brilliant writer/director Nica Noelle, playing roles that showcased both my sex and my charisma as an actor.

Throughout it all, I have never committed myself to any sexual label.  I am strongly attracted to women and men.  I call myself an “omnisexual,” and as you’ll see in this site, I do not limit myself to any single definition of gender, desire or beauty.  I know who I am: A stud who gets off on showing off.  That includes showing off with other men, women, trans people and every shade between them.

In porn, I am committed to bringing expression to my wide-ranging desires.  And to show off my  masculine power over an encompassing field of subjects.

Follow me on Twitter @yaegerman.


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